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HQ Construction Bahrain / Dadabai Construction Saudi LLC , has a proven design, engineering and contracting track record, having built many prestigious projects in association with Habib Modara Art & Architecture. The projects includes, residential and commercial buildings, hotels, furnished apartments, malls, villas and educational institutions. Professionals in all aspects of the business, Dadabai Construction ensures that projects are completed according to stringent quality control methods and always delivered on time.

The company continues to innovate, develop and adopt leading edge technology in its methods and materials to enhance productivity and cost effectiveness, taking a step closer to its goal of being the industry leader.

Where ideas meet execution


P O Box 804, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain



Tel: +973 17 71 2303
FAX : +973 17 71 2404

For more information visit: www.hqconstruction.bh

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