Welcome to Dadabai Holding.

The determination to succeed is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Our continuing exposure to the emerging markets, has prepared us to take up the challenges of the evolving economic conditions. We dedicate our achievements to all those who have worked with us as a team, transforming our vision for a brighter future.

Chairman, Dadabai Holding

The Dadabai family has a rich legacy in the Kingdom of Bahrain, having started its operations as a leading family Group in the early 1950’s. The Group grew and rose to the challenges of the times, playing a significant role in the transformation of the Kingdom. Over the years, the Group has kept pace with the changes in the region, adapting, innovating and evolving to meet the growing demands of an emerging country on a fast track of economic growth.

Mr. Abbas Dadabai, with over 40 years of experience in the region is the Chairman of the Group. Mr. A. Dadabai, along with Directors, Mr. Qutub Dadabai and Mr. Hatim Dadabai are committed to guiding the organization to greater heights of excellence in the diverse fields of group’s operations. Professionals to the core, they bring on board their experience and expertise to ensure that the Group lives up to its values of quality, integrity and transparency.

The Group draws strength from its in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market and is committed to realize its full potential in the core areas of its operations spanning construction, education, real estate, logistics, car rental, hospitality management and training. The Group is geared to face new challenges, push boundaries and set new standards in quality and value in all aspects of operations, contributing to the progress of the national economy.

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