Kinder World Preschool Ramadan Charity

Posted April 04, 2024

Kinder World Preschool, a leading English and Arabic bilingual Preschool, recently ran a unique charity drive at their school during the holy month of Ramadan where students aged 14  months -4 years participated by creating beautiful artwork keeping “Beautiful Bahrain” as their inspiration and theme. Each child’s artwork was developed into a customized greeting card and parents were welcome to purchase these cards. Hundred percent of the proceeds from the sales were donated by the preschool to The Royal Humanitarian Foundation. Thanks to the generous support of the parents, Kinder World preschool was able to raise and donate BD651.500 to support the great initiatives that the Royal Humanitarian Foundation supports, which this Ramadan focused on supporting orphans and making their dreams come true.

Kinder World preschool believes in nurturing the values of empathy, kindness, and compassion from a young age and this charity initiative enabled them to teach students at an early age about the importance of community and charity. 

Kinder World Preschool is a collaboration between Bahrain based Dadabai Holding and GCC based Ardaas Holdings. As the largest purpose-built preschool on the island, Kinder World Preschool is dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for young learners and has two branches on the island.

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Kinder World Preschool Ramadan Charity April 04, 2024

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